Innovation agency CEO works on bringing stability

THE room has not changed in four years: frosted glass walls enclosing an oval table.

A Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) CEO is laying out his plans for the future. Again.

“When I arrived, I was the sixth CEO in five years; now I’m the sixth CEO in six years,” says Barlow Manilal. “TIA really needed some stability.”

Disgraced former CEO Simphiwe Duma, the TIA’s first head, also said in 2011 that his role was to create stability in the organisation. Duma was fired for gross misconduct, along with chief financial officer Barbara Kortjass.

Manilal took over in 2015 as the organisation was going through an extensive restructuring process, which saw the 193 staff complement cut by about a third. At the time, he laid out six-, 12-, 18-and 36-month plans. Within six months, he wanted “stability among the staff and signs of a performance culture emerging”.


For more, find the article — originally published in Business Day — here.

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